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The Stoney Hill Road House is available for special events such as wedding receptions, alumni reunions or fund raisers with a minimum seven day rental.  The cost for the event venue is comprised of the weekly rental price plus the daily price of the Barn plus fees for cleaning, landscaping and a one day event liability insurance contract.

The Stoney Hill Road House is available for a maximum of three events each Spring and Fall.  The "event windows" are defined below.  Although there is a seven day minimum rental period, the start and end dates are flexible within the designated windows to best accommodate the tenant's plans.

For the six weeks of July and August that fall between the Spring and Fall event windows, The Stoney Hill Road House is available for weekly rentals only unless there is an event that is likely to recur like an annual alumni meeting for instance.  Please call (774) 563-9796 to discuss.  Please see the Vacation Rental page of this website for more information regarding rentals.

When a wedding reception or other event is scheduled, there are two agreements between the tenant and the owner.  The first is the standard rental agreement for the house.  The second agreement covers the details of the specific event like a wedding reception or alumni reunion, etc.  In this second agreement, the tenant is given permission to use The Stoney Hill Road House as well as the Barn and/or Great Room.  Generally, for groups under 100, the Barn cost per day is $3,000.  For parties in excess of 100, please call to discuss pricing.  As part of the event rental, the tenant is allowed to host a dinner in the Great Room for less than 30 people at no additional cost.  In the event that the tenant wishes to host a catered dinner or cocktail event using the Great Room for upwards of 60 should call for pricing.  The tenant may arrange to have a tent brought in at her cost.

Regardless of the type of event, a  one day insurance policy is required (no exceptions) which provides $1.0 MM in liability insurance for the benefit of the owner and  $25,000 of supplemental property insurance.  These are standard policies which can be purchased for under $400 per event.  All third party vendors must provide documentation proving that they carry liability and worker's compensation insurance at the time of the event.  The tenant and landlord must also agree to event specific details like the guest count and subsequent needs thereof for portable toilets, a parking plan, etc.

The cost for the "Event Agreement" will specifically include the use of the Barn and/or Great Room but does not include tents, portable toilets, transportation, catering, clean up, etc.  The owner will work with the tenant and her surrogates to help plan and schedule site visits by vendors as needed.  All vendors must provide proof of current Certificates of Liability and evidence of Workman's Compensation coverage.

Please visit The Stoney Hill Road House listing on the HomeAway website (# 3498172) for in depth description of the property, availability and pricing. 
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